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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 23° Libra 53' 15"
Moon 00° Aquarius 04' 00"
Mercury 11° Scorpio 01' 22"
Venus 08° Scorpio 13' 49" R
Mars 13° Aquarius 17' 30"
Jupiter 25° Scorpio 16' 29"
Saturn 03° Capricorn 52' 17"
Uranus 00° Taurus 49' 48" R
Neptune 14° Pisces 05' 46" R
Pluto 18° Capricorn 49' 19"
Chiron 29° Pisces 04' 33" R
TrueNode 02° Leo 12' 03"




Being upright is one of the best ways to promote presence by way of a strong and correct relationship to the present moment.  Upright posture promotes wakefulness, consciousness and strength. It also “self transmits” a message of responsibility and mastery that is very helpful. Arguably it is the first step as well as the prime directive in any plan to connect to one’s best self. It represents the beginning but also the middle and the final destination on the road to awakening.


As Zen Master Shunryu Suzuki said:


…. To take this posture itself is the purpose of our practice. When you have this posture, you have the right state of mind, so there is no need to try to attain some special state.


.The state of mind that exists when you sit in the right posture is, itself, enlightenment.


…..In this posture there is no need to talk about the right state of mind. You already have it.


…..So try always to keep the right posture, not only when you practice zazen, but in all your activities. Take the right posture when you are driving your car, and when you are reading. If you read in a slumped position, you cannot stay awake long. Try. You will discover how important it is to keep the right posture. This is the true teaching.