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Current Planetary Positions

Sun 02° Aries 34' 11"
Moon 05° Scorpio 51' 53"
Mercury 17° Pisces 22' 01" R
Venus 26° Aquarius 00' 52"
Mars 24° Taurus 51' 22"
Jupiter 23° Sagittarius 50' 06"
Saturn 19° Capricorn 23' 22"
Uranus 00° Taurus 49' 58"
Neptune 16° Pisces 46' 51"
Pluto 22° Capricorn 53' 51"
Chiron 01° Aries 53' 25"
TrueNode 24° Cancer 05' 17" R

Michael Cohen and his links to Donald Trump #1

Michael Cowen and his links to Donald Trump:


Fasting: The astrological correlations

Fasting is one of the most powerfully efficient ways to make fast (no pun intended!)progress toward mastering the mind-body connection. In this video I explain the astrological correlations:

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Saturn and work, practice, and especially………..repetition


A brief audio file in which I talk about the connection(s) of Saturn to work, practice and repetition.


Oprah for President–Could she win?


Following a beautiful speech at the recent Golden Globes, many are speculating about a presidential run. Could she win if she ran? Based on the strengths of her natal chart together with the cycles in 2020, absolutely, YES– she would be a definite contender.

Will she actually run?

Since she emphatically says no, we should probably assume she will be using her beneficial 2020 cycles in a different way. (yellow planets show transits in late 2017, early 2018, green is for 2020)


Trump’s 2018


An audio podcast file in which I talk about Donald Trump’s 2018 “fortunes” from the vantage point of the astrological forces affecting his chart.